Hritz 2014 Violence

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Author: Meredith Warwick Hritz

Title: Sex, Violence, and the Fantastic

Subtitle: Mapping Sexual Violence Against Women in Gothic Novels

Thesis: B.A. Thesis, Wesleyan University

Year: April 2014

Pages: 88pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 18th Century | English History | Representations: Literature / Matthew Lewis

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  Introduction: The Shifting of the Gothic Genre (p. 1)
  Chapter 1: The Marvelous in The Monk: Repression Realized (p. 11)
  Chapter 2: Fellow Feeling: Facilitating Fear and the Formation of Ghosts (p. 35)
  Chapter 3: "Fascination of the Fearful": Fostering Violence (p. 61)
  Conclusion: The Escape (p. 82)
  Works Cited (p. 86)
    Novels (p. 86)
    Critical Texts (p. 87)

Wikipedia: Matthew Lewis (writer): The Monk

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