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Author: Stephen Henningham

Title: The French administration, the local population, and the American presence in New Caledonia, 1943-44

Subtitle: -

Journal: Journal de la Société des Océanistes

Volume: 98

Issue: 1

Year: 1994

Pages: 21-41

ISSN: 0300-953X – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1760-7256 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History; European History: French History; Oceanian History: New Caledonian History | Offenders: Soldiers; Types: Interracial Rape


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Abstract: »Uses mainly French documents from the colonial archives in Aix-en-Provence to examine relations between the US forces posted in New Caledonia, the local population, and the French authorities during the governorship of Christian Laigret (August 1943-February 1944). Sources of tension included American misconduct and indiscipline, sexual harassment of locals, the labor supply, alcohol abuse, liquor trafficking, infringements of French authority, and doubts about longer-term US aims.« (Source: America: History and Life)


  Conflicts and Tensions (p. 22)
  Sexual Incidents (p. 25)
  Labour (p. 27)
  Alcohol and the Illegal Liquor Trade (p. 32)
  Challenges to French Authority and Sovereignty (p. 34)
  Conclusion and Perspectives (p. 39)

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