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Authors: Georgiane Garabely Heil Vazquez and Maiara Queiroz Queiroz Arce

Title: Vítima ou ré?

Subtitle: O comportamento feminino como prova criminal em Guarapuava na dédaca de 1950

Translation: Victim or Defendant? The Female Behavior as Criminal Evidence in Guarapuava in the 1950s

Journal: Publicatio UEPG: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas

Volume: 24

Issue: 2

Year: May-August 2016 (Received: May 5, 2016, Accepted: August 15, 2016)

Pages: 181-191

ISSN: 2238-7552 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 2238-7560 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: Brazilian History


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Georgiane Garabely Heil Vazquez:

Abstract: »This study aimed to present a case study about a rape occurred in Guarapuava / PR in 1950. We used a historical approach and discourse analysis on a criminal case available in the municipal file Guarapuava / PR. As a theoretical basis, we use the analytical category of gender to discuss about social norms concerning the acceptable female behavior and socially reprehensible in that period. It was concluded that the society and the authorities responsible for the process, either defense or prosecution based its analysis not only in the legal codes but fundamentally the behaviors and adaptations to social norms for this type of crime.« (Source: Publicatio UEPG: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas)


  Resumo (p. 181)
  Abstract (p. 181)
  Introdução (p. 182)
  Breves considerações sobre os estudos de gênero (p. 183)
  Entre a lei, as mulheres estupradas e os acusados: a história de aniela e de sua honra (p. 184)
  Considerações finais (p. 190)
  Referências (p. 190)

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