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Editor: Anne Greenfield

Title: Interpreting Sexual Violence, 1660-1800

Subtitle: -

Place: London

Publisher: Pickering & Chatto (2013), Routledge (2016)

Year: 2013 (hardback), 2016 (paperback)

Pages: xvi + 220pp.

Series: The Body, Gender and Culture 14

ISBN-13: 9781848934399 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9781138663039 (pbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9781781440636 (ebk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 17th Century, 18th Century | European History: English History | Prosecution: Laws; Representations: Literary Texts / 17th-Century Literature, 18th-Century Literature



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Editor: Anne Greenfield, Department of English, Valdosta State UniversityEditor's Personal Website


  Editor's Acknowledgements (p. ix)
  List of Figures (p. xi)
  List of Contributors (p. xiii)
  Part I: Overview and Scope
  Introduction – Anne Greenfield (p. 1)
  1 Researching Sexual Violence, 1660–1800: A Critical Analysis – Julie Gammon (p. 13)
  Part II: Legal and Social History
  2 ‘For the Repressing of the Most Wicked and Felonious Rapes or Ravishments of Women’: Rape Law in England, 1660–1800 – Mary R. Block (p. 23)
  3 From Rape to Marriage: Questions of Consent in the Eighteenth-Century Britain – Katie Barclay (p. 35)
  4 The Disordered Fundament: Sexual Violence on Boys and Sodomy Trial Narratives in the Old Bailey ProceedingsAparna Gollapudi (p. 45)
  Part III: Drama
  5 The Titillation of Dramatic Rape, 1660–1720 – Anne Greenfield (p. 57)
  6 Violently Erotic: Representing Rape in Restoration Drama – Ann Marie Byrd (p. 69)
  7 ‘A Most Obedient Wife’: Passive Resistance and Tory Politics in Eliza Haywood’s A Wife to Be LettLoring Pfeiffer (p. 83)
  8 Staging Rape in the Age of Walpole: Sexual Violence and the Politics of Dramatic Adaptation in 1730s Britain – Jennifer L. Airey (p. 95)
  Part IV: Fiction
  9 ‘What Do You Take Me For?’: Rape and Virtue in The Female QuixoteRobin Runia (p. 107)
  10 ‘Nothing But Violent Methods Will Do’: Heterosexual Rape and the Violation of Female Friendship – Dawn A. Nawrot (p. 119)
  11 Bringing Sentimental Fiction to its (Anti-)Climax: Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental JourneyNichol Weizenbeck (p. 131)
  Part V: Other Genres
  12 ‘Violence that’s Wicked for a Man to Use’: Sex, Gender and Violence in the Eighteenth Century – Lena Olsson (p. 141)
  13 The Rhetoric of Rape: William Blake’s Visions of the Daughters of Albion as Eighteenth-Century Rape Trial – Misty Krueger (p. 149)
  14 The Horror of the Horns: Pan’s Attempted Rape of Syrinx in Early Eighteenth-Century Visual Art – Melanie Cooper-Dobbin (p. 163)
  Notes (p. 175)
  Index (p. 215)

Description: »The essays in this collection explore representations of and responses to sexual violence over the course of the long eighteenth century. Depictions of rape appeared regularly in novels, plays, poems and the visual arts at this time, and were used in a variety of – sometimes contradictory – ways. Contributors examine the underlying ideologies that spawned these representations, confronting the social, political, legal and aesthetic conditions of the day.« (Source: Pickering & Chatto)


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