Granik 1997 Trials

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Author: Lisa Granik

Title: The Trials of the Proletarka

Subtitle: Sexual Harassment Claims in the 1920s

In: Reforming Justice in Russia, 1864-1996: Power, Culture, and the Limits of Legal Order

Edited by: Peter H. Solomon, Jr.

Place: Armonk, NY

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

Year: 1997

Pages: 131-167

ISBN-10: 156324862X – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Russian History | Types: Sexual Harassment

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Abstract: »Lisa Granik explores how in the NEP era women tried to use various complaints procedures, including courts, to respond to discrimination and incidents that would now be classified as sexual harassment in the workplace. In her view women in the USSR became active in lodging complaints in the 1920s partly because of the official declarations about gender equality, reflected in developments in family law. Women launched complaints about various forms of rude and disparaging conduct at the workplace, as well as against unjust firings, but did not obtain much satisfaction.« (Peter H. Solomon , Jr. »Courts and their Reform in Russian History.« Reforming Justice in Russia, 1864-1996: Power, Culture, and the Limits of Legal Order. Edited by Peter H. Solomon, Jr. Armonk 1997: 12-13)


  Myths and Images of Women and Law (p. 132)
  Early Soviet Legislation and Institutions to Liberate Women (p. 134)
  Litigating Sexual Harassment in the 1920s (p. 137)
  The Biuro zhalob (p. 138)
  The Genesis of Complaints for Disparaging Treatment (p. 140)
  The System's Response (p. 146)
  Notes (p. 154)


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