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Author: Jennifer A. Glancy

Title: The Accused

Subtitle: Susanna and Her Readers

Journal: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

Volume: 18

Issue: 58

Year: June 1993

Pages: 103-116

ISSN: 0309-0892 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1476-6728 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Cases: Victims / Susanna; Representations: Biblical Texts / Book of Daniel; Types: Attempted Rape


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Author: Jennifer Glancy, Department of Religious Studies, Le Moyne College

Abstract: »The tale of Susanna, typically referred to as a story of failed seduction, is better described as a story of attempted rape. The article explores why scholars have read the tale as an attempted seduction. Readers share the elders’ voyeurism, and are thus seduced into categorizing the event as seduction by their complicity in terms of ’tobe-looked-at-ness’ and masculinity in terms of the agency of gazing. The article finally considers whether the pleasure of reading such a text is the same for all readers, and in particular whether women readers may react differently from men to the code of voyeurism.« (Source: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament)

Reprint: Glancy, Jennifer A. »The Accused: Susanna and Her Readers.« Feminist Companion to Esther, Judith and Susanna. Edited by Athalya Brenner. Sheffield 1995: 288-302. – Bibliographic Entry: Info

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