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Author: Terence Geoffrey Genever

Title: The Road to Lotus Glen

Subtitle: Aborigines, the Law, Justice and Imprisonment in Colonial Queensland

Thesis: Ph.D. Thesis, James Cook University of North Queensland

Advisor: Dawn May

Year: 1996

Pages: xv + 366pp.

OCLC Number: 317112296 – Find a Library: WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 19th Century | Oceanian History: Australian History | Types: Interracial Rape


Link: ResearchOnline@JCU: Digital Repository of the James Cook University (Free Access)


Abstract: »This thesis examines aspects of the laws that were applied to Aborigines during Queensland's colonial era. It looks at the effect of imposing an alien judicial system on people who did not understand it but nonetheless recognised its inequity. It argues that the criminal justice system that was applied to black people had specific aims that were quite separate from those directed at Europeans. For Aborigines this law employed the thinking of a bygone draconian age, but did so in an epoch when white offenders were being subjected to a system that was marked by legal benignity. Therefore during this period a dual system was operating. To substantiate its argument, the work looks at the white response to crimes by Aborigines and in doing so it seeks to analyse the effects of an outmoded and imposed legal strategy that was manipulated to further the aims of colonialism at the expense of justice. This, allied to white racial attitudes and European constructions of Aboriginality, provides a starting point from which to consider a situation where black representation in Queensland's prisons grew from nil to over 50% in some gaols. It is a thesis on a failed system which is at least partially responsible for Australian Aborigines currently being counted as the world's most frequently imprisoned people.« (Source: Thesis)


  List of Appendices (p. i)
  Abbreviations (p. ii)
  Map (p. iii)
  Declaration and Acknowledgments (p. iv)
  Part A: First Steps on the Road
  Introduction (p. v)
  Chapter One. British and Colonial Legal Policy Relating to Indigenous People (p. 1)
  Chapter Two. The Application of English law to Aboriginal People, 1788-1850 (p. 33)
  Chapter Three. The White Response to Aboriginal Crime at Moreton Bay (p. 59)
  Chapter Four. Justice, Aborigines, the Press and Pastoralism: Moreton Bay 1840-1860 (p. 82)
  Chapter Five. Crime or Armed Resistance? The Northern District 1840-1860 (p. 115)
  Chapter Six. The Reaction to Aboriginal Crimes against European Women (p. 150)
  Part B: Policing the Road to Lotus Glen
  Chapter Seven. White Police: Historical Perspectives (p. 185)
  Chapter Eight. Aboriginal/Police relations in Pre-Separation Queensland (p. 202)
  Chapter Nine. Morum Billak's Policemen: The Native Police in Pre-Separation Queensland (p. 215)
  Chapter Ten. The "Black Friday Question": The Native Police Post Walker and the 1861 Enquiry (p. 246)
  Part C: The Road to Lotus Glen
  Chapter Eleven. Transportation, Gaols, Reserves, Missions and other forms of Imprisonment (p. 287)
  Conclusion (p. 322)
  Appendix A. Offences committed by Aborigines tried by Supreme Court during 12 months prior to 13 June 1860. Intended to show the type of offences Aborigines were charged with (p. 326)
  Appendix B. Aborigines Tried and Sentenced to Queensland's Major Prisons (p. 327)
  Appendix C. Reported Sexual Assaults by Aboriginal men on European Women (p. 333)
  Appendix D. Strength and Cost of Queensland Police during initial years of the Colony's foundation (p. 335)
  Appendix E. Part of Frederick Walker's Bill, Royal Hotel Maryborough, May 1852 (p. 336)
  Appendix F. Strength and Location of NP as at 31 December 1864 (p. 337)
  Appendix G. O'Connell's proposal for the establishment of a mounted police force for the frontier districts of NSW (p. 338)
  Appendix H. Queensland's Prison Population (p. 339)
  Bibliography (p. 340)
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    Unpublished Theses (p. 348)
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    Books and Journals (p. 352)
    Miscellaneous (p. 366)

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