Garraio 2010 Unvollendeten

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Author: Júlia Garraio

Title: Vergewaltigung als Schlüsselbegriff einer misslungenen Vergangenheitsbewältigung

Subtitle: Hans-Ulrich Treichels »Der Verlorene« und Reinhard Jirgls »Die Unvollendeten«

Journal: Mittelweg 36: Zeitschrift des Hamburger Instituts für Sozialforschung

Volume: 19

Issue: 4

Year: August-September 2010

Pages: 3-17

ISSN: 0941-6382 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: German

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | German History, Russian History | Representations: Literature / Reinhard Jirgl, Hans-Ulrich Treichel - Types: Wartime Rape / Second World War

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Author: Júlia Garraio, Centro de Estudos Sociais, Universidade de Coimbra

Abstract: » In the two novels »Der Verlorene« by Hans-Ulrich Treichel and »Die Unvollendeten« by Reinhard Jirgl, rape is a symbol of what can not be said and has not been overcome. These rapes convey a sense of the catastrophic consequences of sexual violence in wartime and at the same times put the slogans disseminated by the two Germanys in the context of »Vergangenheitsbewältigung« (the process of coming to terms with the past) to the test. As tropes that stand for two different but equally failed forms of »Vergangenheitsbewältigung« and pseudo-integration, the rapes portrayed in these works serve as keys to understanding the small and large histories of the two post-1945 Germanys.« [Source: Mittelweg 36]

Reprint of: Garraio, Júlia. »Vergewaltigung als Schlüsselbegriff einer misslungenen Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Hans-Ulrich Treichels Der Verlorene und Reinhard Jirgls Die UnvollendetenREAL No.1 (2010): 1-19.

Wikipedia: Reinhard Jirgl, Die Unvollendeten, Hans-Ulrich Treichel, Der Verlorene (Roman)

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