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Authors: Tammy S. Garland, Kathryn A. Branch, and Mackenzie Grimes

Title: Blurring the Lines

Subtitle: Reinforcing Rape Myths in Comic Books

Journal: Feminist Criminology



Year: 2015 (Published online: March 23, 2015)


ISSN: 1557-0851 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1557-086X – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Representations: Comics; Society: Rape Myths


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Kathryn Branch, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of TampaResearchGate

Tammy Garland, Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Assistant Studies, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – ResearchGate

Abstract: »Through the use of popular culture constructs, individuals are exposed to an overabundance of images that validate rape myths. Although studies have examined rape in popular culture, little attention has been given to the use of rape myths in comic books as a means to reinforce hegemonic masculinity. Using a convenience sample taken from popular comic book series, this content analysis examined the prevalence of rape and the myths used to create such portrayals as well as discuss the negative impact the perpetuation of rape culture has on society. Findings indicate that the reinforcement of rape myths is present within mainstream comic books. Rape myths that were supported included a number of rape survivor, rape perpetrator, and victim blaming myths.« (Source: Feminist Criminology)