Frymer-Kensky 1995 Law

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Author: Tikva Frymer-Kensky

Title: Law and Philosophy

Subtitle: The Case of Sex in the Bible

In: Jewish Explorations of Sexuality

Edited by: Jonathan Magonet

Place: Providence, RI

Publisher: Berghahn Books

Year: 1995

Pages: 3-16

ISBN-10: 1571818685 (paper) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Representations: Bible

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  Sex and the Biblical God (p. 4)
  Control of Sexual Action by Law (p. 6)
  Sexuality As Danger To Boundaries (p. 11)
  Public Interest in Control of Sex (p. 14)
  Conclusion (p. 15)
  Bibliography (p. 16)

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