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Author: Christopher G. Frechette

Title: Daughter Babylon Raped and Bereaved (Isaiah 47)

Subtitle: Symbolic Violence and Meaning-Making in Recovery from Trauma

In: Bible through the Lens of Trauma

Edited by: Elizabeth Boase and Christopher G. Frechette

Place: Atlanta, GA

Publisher: SBL Press

Year: 2016

Pages: 67-84

Series: Semeia Studies 86

ISBN-13: 9780884141723 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Representations: Biblical Texts / Book of Isaiah



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Author: Christopher G. Frechette, Department of Theology, St. Mary’s UniversityAuthor's Personal Website,, ResearchGate

Abstract: »In his essay concerning God's violation of Daughter Babylon in Isa 47, Frechette offers a psychological explanation for the idea that God's naqam (usually translated "vengeance") against Babylon represents the removal of Babylon as an obstacle to the realization of the hopeful message of Isa 40-54. Frechette explains thsi obstacle in terms of the Judahites' harmful internalized assumptions linked to their collective violation by the Babylonians during the destruction of Jerusalem and forced migration to Babylon.« (Source: Christopher G. Frechette and Elizabeth Boase. »Defining "Trauma" as a Useful Lens for Biblical Interpretation.« Bible through the Lens of Trauma. Edited by Elizabeth Boase et al. Atlanta 2016: 18)

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