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Author: Hani Fatmawati

Title: Reconstructing Humor

Subtitle: An Analysis of Humor in Two Selected Short Stories

Thesis: S1 Thesis, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Year: 2013

Pages: x + 77pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Canadian History | Representations: Literature / Margaret Atwood

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Abstract: »This research paper entitled “RECONSTRUCTING HUMOR: AN ANALYSIS OF HUMOR IN TWO SELECTED SHORT STORIES” is aimed at investigating the construction and the function of humor in two selected short stories Rape Fantasies and The Concert Stages of Europe. These stories have been chosen mainly because they belong to the genre of comedy. The study employs a qualitative research design embracing the characteristics of a case study. The texts were analyzed using Billig’s (2005) humor theory, focusing on the types of humor and its function in the texts. To strengthen the analysis, the study is endorsed by the narrator’s roles engaging to the narrative structure (Nikolajeva, 2002). It is revealed that humor is constructed in the texts due to the role of narrator in co/mghe textual evidences also show that through analyzing the role of the narrator in constructing humor, humor function can also be identified which are to entertain the readers. Besides, the function of humor can be found out that is to invite the readers’ critical thinking from those stories. KEYWORDS : Construction, Humor, Narrator, Humor’s type and Humor’s Function.« [Source: Thesis]


  Page of Approval (p. i)
  Statement of Authorization (p. ii)
  Preface (p. iii)
  Acknowledgement (p. iv)
  Abstract (p. vi)
  Chapter I. Introduction
  1.1 Background (p. 1)
  1.2 Statement of Problems (p. 5)
  1.3 Aims of the Research (p. 5)
  1.4 Reason of Choosing the Topic (p. 5)
  1.5 Significant of the Research (p. 5)
  1.6 Research Design (p. 6)
  1.7 Scope of the Research (p. 7)
  1.8 Clarification of Terms (p. 7)
  1.9 Organization of Paper (p. 8)
  Chapter II. Theoretical Review
  2.1 Humor Theory (p. 10)
  2.2 Types of Humor (p. 13)
    2.2.1 Superiority Theory (p. 14)
    2.2.2 Incongruity Theory (p. 15)
    2.2.3 Relief Theory (p. 17)
  2.3 Humor in Short Stories (p. 18)
  2.4 Humor and Narrative (p. 20)
  2.5 Previous Study (p. 21)
  Chapter III. Research Methodology
  3.1 Research Questions (p. 24)
  3.2 Research Subject and Context (p. 24)
  3.3 Research Method (p. 25)
  3.4 Research Procedure (p. 26)
  3.5 Data Collection and Analysis (p. 28)
    3.5.1 Data Source (p. 29)
    3.5.2 Synopsis (p. 30) Synopsis in Rape Fantasies (p. 30) Synopsis in The Concert Stages of Europe (p. 31)
  Chapter IV. Finding and Discussion
  4.1 Constructing Humor (p. 33)
    4.1.1 The Role of Narrator in Humor Construction (p. 34) The Role of Narrator in Rape Fantasies (p. 35) The Role of Narrator in The Concert Stages of Europe (p. 38)
    4.1.2 Narrative Structures in Humor Construction (p. 41)
  4.2 Types of Humor (p. 43)
    4.2.1 Superiority Humor (p. 44) Superiority Humor in Rape Fantasies (p. 44) Superiority Humor in The Concert Stages of Europe (p. 47)
    4.2.2 Incongruity Humor (p. 52) Incongruity Humor in Rape Fantasies (p. 52) Incongruity Humor in The Concert Stages of Europe (p. 54)
    4.2.3 Relief Humor (p. 55) Relief Humor in Rape Fantasies (p. 56) Relief Humor in The Concert Stages of Europe (p. 57)
  4.3 The Function of Humor (p. 59)
  4.4 Discussion
  Chapter V. Conclusion and Suggestion
  5.1 Conclusion (p. 65)
  5.2 Suggestion (p. 66)
  References (p. 68)
  Appendix A (p. 71)
  Appendix B (p. 77)

Wikipedia: Margaret Atwood, Rape Fantasies

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