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Author: Yael Even

Title: Daphne (without Apollo) Reconsidered

Subtitle: Some Disregarded Images of Sexual Pursuit in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art

Journal: Studies in Iconography

Volume: 18


Year: 1997

Pages: 143-159

ISSN: 0148-1029 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Medieval History: 15th Century; Modern History: 16th Century, 17th Century | European History: Italian History | Offenders: Biological Status / Gods; Representations: Art / Carlo Cignani, Andrea Mantegna, Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Peter Paul Rubens, Nicola da Urbino; Victims: Biological Status / Gods


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Author: Yael Even, Department of Art and Art History, University of Missouri at St. Louis

Abstract: »Re-evaluates the iconography of Apollo's attempted violation of Daphne in early modern Florence and Rome.« (Source: International Medieval Bibliography)

Lecture: Even, Yael. »Pursued, Transformed, and Appropriated: Daphne (without Apollo) Reconsidered.« Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. St. Louis 1993. – Bibliographic Entry: Info

Wikipedia: History of Europe: History of Italy / Italian Renaissance | Mythology: Greek mythology / Apollo, Apollo and Daphne | Mythological rape victims: Daphne | Painting: Italian Renaissance painting, Baroque painting | 15th-century Italian painters: Andrea Mantegna, Antonio del Pollaiuolo | 16th-century Flemish painters: Peter Paul Rubens | 16th-century Italian painters: Nicola da Urbino | 17th-century Italian painters: Carlo Cignani