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Author: Marcia Espinoza-Vera

Title: Sexual Violence in Films of Contemporary Latin American Women Film Makers

Subtitle: -

Journal: International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Year: November 2013

Pages: 29-36

ISSN: 2307-924X – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Mexican History, Peruvian History | Representations: Films / Ángel de fuego, Madeinusa, Perfume de violetas


Link: International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science (Free Access)



Abstract: »In the last two decades an important number of women filmmakers from Latin America have made films that challenge the dominant ideology using cinematography to denounce gender injustices. These women have dared not only to challenge the hierarchical order but have attempted to denounce sexual violence perpetrated against adolescent girls by their own fathers, brothers or other members of their community. The film directors studied in this article are the Mexicans Dana Rotberg (Ángel de fuego, 1991) and Marisa Sistach (Perfume de violetas, 2000) as well as the Peruvian Claudia Llosa (Madeinusa, 2005). In spite of the differences in the treatment of the subject, the three films studied here take a feminist perspective in that they have attempted to denounce the injustices to which adolescents are submitted by virtue of their sex in typically patriarchal societies.« (Source: International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science)


  1. Introduction (p. 29)
  2. The films (p. 30)
    2.1. Perfume de violetas (p. 30)
    2.2. Ángel de fuego (p. 32)
    2.3. Madeinusa (p. 34)
  3. Conclusion (p. 35)
  References (p. 36)

Wikipedia: Madeinusa, Violet Perfume: No One Is Listening