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Author: Nicole Eggers

Title: Mukombozi and the Monganga

Subtitle: The Violence of Healing in the 1944 Kitawalist Uprising

Journal: Africa: Journal of the International African Institute / Revuew de l'Institut Africain International

Volume: 85

Issue: 3

Year: August 2015 (Published online: July 9, 2015)

Pages: 417-436

ISSN: 0001-9720 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1750-0184 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Congolese History


Link: Cambridge Journals (Restricted Access)


Author: Nicole Eggers, Department of History, Loyola University New

Abstract: »This article investigates the fraught relationship between violence and healing in Central African history. Looking at the case study of one of the largest uprisings in the colonial history of Congo – the Lobutu–Masisi Kitawalist uprising of 1944 – the article asks how the theories of power that animated the uprising might help better illuminate the nature and role of violence not only in the uprising itself but in the broader history of the region. Drawing attention to the centrality of discourses that relate to the moral and immoral use of disembodied spiritual power (puissance/nguvu/force) in the uprising, the article evokes critical questions about the deeper history of such discourses and the imaginaries and choreographies of violence that accompanied them. Thinking about violence in this way not only breaks down imagined lines between productive and destructive/legitimate and illegitimate violence by highlighting that such distinctions are always contentious and negotiated, but also demonstrates that the theories of power animating such negotiations must be understood not as tangential to the larger anti-colonial political struggle of Bushiri and his followers, but as central to that struggle. Moreover, it paves the way towards thinking about how these same theories of power might animate negotiations of legitimacy in more recent violent contexts in Eastern Congo.« (Source: Africa)


  The Monganga's Testimony (p. 420)
  The Prophet and the Healers: Tethering to the Past (p. 423)
  The Colonial State: Hoarders of Puissance and the Roots of Social Ills (p. 426)
  Yesu Mukombozi in the Economy of Puissance (p. 428)
  Wives and Witches? Women, Puissance and Vulnerability (p. 429)
  Tethering to the Present: Choreographies of Violence and Theories of Power (p. 432)
  References (p. 433)
    Archival materials (p. 435)
    Interviews (p. 435)
  Abstract (p. 435)
  Résumé (p. 436)

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