Dynes 1992 Homosexuality

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Authors: Wayne R. Dynes and Stephen Donaldson

Title: Introduction

Subtitle: -

In: Homosexuality in the Ancient World

Edited by: Wayne R. Dynes and Stephen Donaldson

Place: New York and London

Publisher: Garland Publishing

Year: 1992

Pages: vii-xvii

Series: Studies in Homosexuality 1

ISBN-10: 081530546X – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient History | Victims: Men

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Wayne R. Dynes: Wikipedia

Stephen Donaldson: Wikipedia


  Classical Scholarship (p. vii)
  The Near East (p. viii)
  Egypt (p. ix)
  Greece: General Considerations (p. ix)
  Cultural Aspects in Greece (p. xii)
  Persia, Scythia, and the Hellenistic World (p. xiii)
  Rome (p. xiii)
  Conclusions (p. xv)
  Bibliography (p. xvi)

Wikipedia: Homosexuality in ancient Rome

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