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Title Information

Author: Caroline Dunn

Title: Stolen Women in Medieval England

Subtitle: Rape, Abduction and Adultery, 1100-1500

Place: Cambridge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Year: 2013

Pages: 272pp.

Series: Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought, Fourth Series, No. 87

ISBN: 9781107017009 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages | English History | Prosecution: Laws

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Additional Information

Author: Caroline Dunn, Department of History, Clemson University


  List of tables and figures (p. vi)
  Preface (p. vii)
  List of abbreviations (p. x)
  Introduction (p. 1)
  1 Laws and Legal Definitions (p. 18)
  2 Rape (p. 52)
  3 Abduction and Forced Marriage (p. 82)
  4 Elopement (p. 98)
  5 Adultery (p. 120)
  6 Retaliatory Abductions and Malicious Legal Proceedings (p. 161)
  Conclusion (p. 192)
  Appendix I: Ravishment legislation (p. 196)
  Appendix II: Sources of ravishment cases (p. 204)
  Bibliography (p. 231)
  Index (p. 254)

Description: »This study of illicit sexuality in medieval England explores links between marriage and sex, law and disorder, and property and power. Some medieval Englishwomen endured rape or were kidnapped for forced marriages, yet most ravished women were married and many 'wife-thefts' were not forced kidnappings but cases of adultery fictitiously framed as abduction by abandoned husbands. In pursuing the themes of illicit sexuality and non-normative marital practices, this work analyses the nuances of the key Latin term raptus and the three overlapping offences that it could denote: rape, abduction and adultery. This investigation broadens our understanding of the role of women in the legal system; provides a means for analysing male control over female bodies, sexuality and access to the courts; and reveals ways in which female agency could, on occasion, manoeuvre around such controls.« (Source: Cambridge University Press)


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