Duñaiturria 2013 Criminalidad

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Author: Alicia Duñaiturria Laguarda

Title: La criminalidad de Madrid en los Libros de Acuerdos

Subtitle: -

Translation: The Madrid's criminal world in the Books of Decrees and Sentences

Journal: Clio & Crimen: Revista del Centro de Historia del Crimen de Durango

Volume: -

Issue: 10

Year: 2013

Pages: 277-295

ISSN: 1698-4374 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Spanish

Keywords: 18th Century | Spanish History

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Abstract: »This paper reviews the sentences contained in the Books of Decrees and Sentences of the Sala de Alcaldes de Casa y Corte.Through these we get to know the criminal world of Madrid and its flea-market (Rastro) in the 18th century as well as the rules of procedure of a court with supreme jurisdiction.« (Source: Clio & Crimen)

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