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Author: Sara Valentina Di Palma

Title: Corpi di donne in guerra

Subtitle: La violenza sessuale in Bosnia e Ruanda e i problemi del dopoguerra

Journal: Storicamente. Laboratorio di Storia

Volume: -

Issue: 10

Year: 2014

Pages: 35 pages

ISSN: 1825-411X – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: Italian

Keywords: 20th Century | Bosnian History, Rwandan History | Types: Genocidal Rape / Rwandan Genocide; Types: Wartime Rape / Bosnian War


Link: Storicamente (Free Access)


Abstract: »This article studies sexual violence in the 1990s conflicts in Bosnia and Rwanda. First I will show how the ethnic definition is misleading, since it hides what is really the construction of nationalism, implemented through the use of the female body as a symbol of the nation. Second, I will examine how this violence interconnects nationalism, gender, gendered-body and sexuality with the aim of affecting the future of the enemy group. Thirdly, I will describe how, in the conflicts’ aftermaths, recovery programmes are not adequate and exclude many survivors, who are marginalized, stigmatized and silenced and thus subjected to new violence.« (Source: Storicamente)


  Introduzione (p. 2)
  La violenza sessuale nelle “nuove guerre” e nei “conflitti etnici” (p. 5)
  La sessualizzazione dei corpi femminili in Bosnia e in Ruanda (p. 7)
  Lo stupro di massa per attaccare il futuro di un popolo (p. 11)
  Il dopoguerra: il silenzio e nuove violenze (p. 15)
  Il dopoguerra: strategie di reazione (p. 22)
  Conclusioni (p. 24)
  Fonti (p. 27)
    Legislazione (p. 27)
    Report e statistiche (p. 27)
    Atti dei Tribunali penali internazionali ad hoc, ICTY e ICTR (p. 28)
    Bibliografia (p. 29)

Wikipedia: Genocidal rape: Rape during the Rwandan Genocide, Rwandan Genocide; Wartime sexual violence: Bosnian War, Rape during the Bosnian War