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Authors: Myriam Denov, Leah Woolner, Jules Pacifique Bahati, Paulin Nsuki, and Obed Shyaka

Title: The Intergenerational Legacy of Genocidal Rape

Subtitle: The Realities and Perspectives of Children Born of the Rwandan Genocide

Journal: Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Volume: Published online before print


Year: 2017 (Published online: May 15, 2017)


ISSN: 0886-2605 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1552-6518 – Find a Library: WordCat


Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | African History: Rwandan History | Types: Genocidal Rape / Rwandan Genocide; Victims: Rape Children


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Myriam Denov, School of Social Work, McGill University

Abstract: »Brutal acts of sexual violence were documented on a mass scale during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. While existing scholarship on sexual violence has significantly increased our understanding of the challenges confronting survivors, gaps in knowledge remain regarding the lived experiences of children born of genocidal rape. This study sought to explore the realities and perspectives of children born of genocidal rape, and the existing opportunities and challenges they experienced in postgenocide Rwanda. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with 60 participants born of genocidal rape in Rwanda. Findings highlight the key challenges that these youth face in the postgenocide context, including struggles with identity and belonging, ambivalence in the mother–child relationship, and a desire to learn of their biological origins and heritage. The findings suggest that children born of conflict-related sexual violence face a distinct set of challenges and needs that have yet to be formally addressed. Our findings highlight the need for the development of programs, policies, and services specific for this important, yet overlooked group of young people affected by armed conflict.« (Source: Journal of Interpersonal Violence)

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