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Author: Pauline Delage

Title: Après l’année zéro

Subtitle: Histoire croisée de la lutte contre le viol en France et aux États-Unis

Translation: After Year Zero: Contrasted Histories of the Struggles against Rape in France and in the United-States

Journal: Critique internationale: Revue comparative de sciences sociales

Volume: -

Issue: 70

Year: January-March 2016

Pages: 21-35

ISSN: 1290-7839 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: French

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History; European History: French History


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Author: Pauline Delage, Institut des sciences sociales (Institut of Social Sciences), Université de Lausanne (University of Lausanne) –

Abstract: »By contrasting the histories of the feminist problematization of rape in France and in the United States, this article highlights the political transfers that shaped this cause in the 1970s’. Common ideas and practices converge in constructing a similar analysis of the phenomenon of sexual violence. On the contrary, some ideas and practices do not travel from one context to another. If the issue of race is often at stake when the American context is mentioned in France, it is dealt with differently in both countries. Moreover, rape crisis centers became a foremost device in the struggle against rape in the United States, whereas no equivalent has appeared in France. Analyzing the convergent and divergent dynamics in the constitution of this cause, the circulations as well as filters which impede exchanges, draws attention to the conditions of diffusion and reception which anchor ideas and practices in a specific context.« (Source:


  Histoire croisée d’une même cause
  Une réception en contexte. Les filtres de la question raciale et de la légitime défense des femmes
  Les rape crisis centers et la fin des transferts

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