De Tilio 2013 Crimes

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Author: Rafael De Tilio

Title: Queixas de crimes sexuais e formação de famílias

Subtitle: Interesses particulares e interesses do estado entre as décadas de 1890 e 1970

Journal: Histórica: Revista Online do Arquivo Público do Estado de São Paulo

Volume: -

Issue: 60

Year: December 2013

Pages: 36-45

ISSN: 1808-6284 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: 19th Century, 20th Century | Brazilian History

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Link: Arquivo Público do Estado de São Paulo (Free Access)

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Abstract: »Using a case study (Crime of Seduction No. 92.319/63, Justice against JT, 1963) filed in the Arquivo Público e Histórico de Ribeirao Preto, this article discusses how the Brazilian Penal Code of 1940 stimulated the formation of traditional marriages (between defendants and victims and/or victims and others) as a means of resolution of sexual crimes. The analysis reveals that in such cases the State, in order to terminate the process with a marriage, could hurt the interests of the plaintiffs, who demanded the punition of the defendants accused of deflowering them, even in the cases when they were already married to a third person by the time of the complaint. The State, while investigating sex crimes, not only (supposedly) protected the traditional families, but it also formatted them in specific traditional models.« (Source: Histórica)


  Resumo (p. 36)
  Abstract (p. 36)
  A Justiça como promotora do casamento na criminalidade sexual (p. 37)
  Direito à queixa e formação de famílias no CP1940 (p. 39)
  Moral, honestidade, mulheres, direitos e sociedade (p. 41)
  Referências (p. 43)

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