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Author: Alice Louisa Davies

Title: Reading Between the Blurred Lines

Subtitle: A discussion into the representation of rape and rape culture in contemporary fiction

Thesis: M.A. Thesis, University of Chester

Year: September 2013

Pages: iii + 55pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 21st Century | Swedish History | Representations: Literature / Stieg Larsson

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»In this dissertation, the focus will be on the representation of rape and rape culture within contemporary fiction; the aim of this is to discover how prevalent rape and rape culture is within this particular area. The thesis is split into three chapters, the first of which discusses the depictions of male rape and gender shifts in contemporary fiction, focusing on Lisbeth Salander as a rapist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The second chapter follows on from this, discussing the portrayal of victims of rape within contemporary fiction; and the last chapter debates whether or not a perpetuating rape culture means that women cannot be as sexually experimental as they wish to be. The aim of the dissertation is to focus on how authors depict rape, and whether or not this depiction is perpetuating rape culture, or simply addressing the issue within fiction.
The introduction is a larger part of the dissertation, setting up exactly what rape and rape culture is, and how rape myths prevail in modern western society. There are certain areas that the dissertation has not addressed, such as race, because they are such complex issues that merely by giving them a single chapter within the dissertation would not be enough. The dissertation’s main purpose, and main area of focus, is to illustrate the perpetuating rape culture in western societies through gender inequality.« [Source: Thesis]


  Introduction (p. 1)
    Rape Culture in Western Societies (p. 1)
    The Psychology of Deutsch (p. 6)
    Blurred Lines (p. 9)
  Lisbeth Salander: Rapist? Depictions of male rape and gender shifts in contemporary fiction (p. 11)
  Victimisation: How are the 'victims' of rape and sexual violation portrayed in contemporary fiction? Do the characters manage to escape the label of 'victim'? (p. 26)
  Representations of Female Sexual Power in Contemporary Fiction: Does a perpetuating rape culture mean that women can never be sexually free and experimental? (p. 36)
  Conclusion: Crossing the blurred line (p. 47)
  Bibliography (p. i)
    Primary Texts (p. i)
    Secondary Texts (p. i)
    Websites (p. iv)
    Films (p. vi)

Wikipedia: Stieg Larsson, Millennium trilogy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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