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Authors: Kathryn A. Dale and Judith L. Alpert

Title: Hiding Behind the Cloth

Subtitle: Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church

Journal: Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Volume: 16

Issue: 3

Year: 2007 (Received: December 23, 2005, Accepted: February 14, 2007, Published online: October 11, 2008)

Pages: 59-74

ISSN: 1053-8712 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1547-0679 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Types: Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sexual Abuse


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Authors: Judith L. Alpert, Department of Applied Psychology , New York UniversityResearchGate

Abstract: »The existence of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has shocked many. In this article, the authors review the history of child sexual abuse in the church, the recent events that brought this tragedy into societal consciousness, and the efforts by the church to conceal the abuse. Two sources of empirical literature, the general psychological writing on priest sex abuse and the psychoanalytic literature, on child sexual abuse are compared. Both sources of literature seek explanation for priests' child sexual abuse within the structure and culture of the church rather than viewing the priest as a “typical” sex predator. The authors argue that, in fact, the guilty priests are child predators who differ little from other child predators.« (Source: Journal of Child Sexual Abuse)


  Abstract (p. 59)
  History of Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church (p. 61)
  Why Priests Sexually Abuse Children (p. 64)
  Why Priests Sexually Abuse Children: A Psychoanalytic Perspective (p. 68)
  Implications and a Call to View Priests as Child Predators (p. 70)
  Conclusion (p. 71)
  References (p. 72)

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