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Author: Kristen Curren

Title: Sexual Violence and Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Subtitle: -

Thesis: M.A. Thesis, Dalhousie University

Year: September 2008

Pages: vii + 139pp.

OCLC Number: 463827128 – Find a Library: WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Congolese History | Types: Wartime Rape / First Congo War, Second Congo War

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Abstract: »This thesis seeks to explain the underlying reasons for the high rates of sexual violence and rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and suggests that the epidemic levels of sexual violence experienced during conflict, and in the post-conflict environment, are reflective of its historical acceptance by the Congolese state. Sexual violence has been committed as a weapon of war and out of opportunity by all armed groups, including the Congolese security forces. The security forces and militia groups located in eastern DRC are currently the greatest perpetrators of sexual violence. Therefore, security sector reform and the completion of the DDR process are critical. The Congolese state lacks the capacity and the necessary will to effectively carry out these initiatives, especially with an inclusion of a gender perspective, resulting in a greater need for international help and backing.« (Source: Thesis)


  List of Tables (p. v)
  Abstract (p. vi)
  List of Abbreviations Used (p. vii)
  Chapter 1: Introduction (p. 1)
    1.1 Definition of Terms, Methodology & Research Design (p. 4)
    1.2 Literature Review (p. 10)
    1.3 Sexual Violence and Rape in the DRC (p. 15)
    1.4 Reasons for & Consequences of Rape (p. 24)
    1.5 Concluding Remarks (p. 32)
  Chapter 2: Historical Analysis (p. 34)
    2.1 Conflict (p. 35)
    2.2 Colonialism (p. 40)
    2.3 The Military Under Belgian Colonialism (p. 44)
    2.4 Mobutu's Zaire & the Congolese Military (p. 49)
    2.5 Rwanda & Sierra Leone in Comparison (p. 55)
    2.6 Concluding Remarks (p. 67)
  Chapter 3: Reconstructing the DRC (p. 70)
    3.1 The Security Landscape (p. 71)
    3.2 The Judiciary (p. 85)
    3.3 Civil Society (p. 95)
    3.4 Concluding Remarks (p. 100)
  Chapter 4: Looking Forward: Comparative Experiences in Post-Conflict Reconstruction (p. 107)
    4.1 Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Sierra Leone & Rwanda (p. 108)
    4.2 Concluding Remarks (p. 117)
  Chapter 5: Conclusion (P. 121)
  Bibliography (p. 130)
  Appendix A. Map of Democratic Republic of Congo (p. 139)

Wikipedia: Sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Wartime sexual violence: First Congo War, Second Congo War

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