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Author: Alexandra Cook

Title: The Erotics of Amplification in the Pamphilus de Amore

Subtitle: -

Journal: Neophilologus

Volume: 97

Issue: 1

Year: January 2013

Pages: 215-229

ISSN: 0028-2677 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1572-8668 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 12th Century | French History | Representations: Literature

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Author: Alexandra Cook, Department of English, University of Alabama

Abstract: »The Pamphilus de Amore, a twelfth-century comedy that recounts the seduction and rape of the virgin Galathea by the youth Pamphilus, has generated a critical controversy about whether Galathea is sincere in her protests of the rape. The Pamphilus exacerbates the difficulty of distinguishing between love from afar and sexual coercion, I argue, by exploiting the concealment inherent to the rhetorical techniques of circumvention and periphrasis. I show that Galathea does indeed try to separate violation from sex, an effort flagged most clearly when she tries to break from the text’s stylistic investment in circumlocution. If this implies that Galathea wants to call attention to the difference between sex and rape, it is also the case that her request is refused, by Pamphilus, by the Old Woman who acts as his pander, and by the text itself. In the end it is sexualized violence, rather than sex itself, that is the unnarratable center of the Pamphilus.« (Source: Neophilologus)


  Periphrasis as Poetic Invention (p. 218)
  The Pamphilus de Amore (p. 2219
  Acknowledgments (p. 228)
  References (p. 229)

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