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Author: Janaína Athaydes Contreiras

Title: Terrorismo de estado e violência sexual na ditadura brasileira (1964-1985)

Subtitle: -

Thesis: Tese, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Advisor: Enrique Serra Padrós

Year: 2015

Pages: 121pp.

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: Brazilian History


Link: Lume: Digital Repository of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Free Access)


Abstract: »The objective of the present paper is to comprehend the sexual violence in the State Terrorism of the brazilian dictatorship because in our perception this violence was present since the beginnings of the Exception Regime. We analysed the processes of the Special Commission of Compensation of Former Political Prisoners, also the transcriptions of the interviews made by the working group of "Dictatorship and Gender" of the National Commission of Truth. In this paper we highlight the modalities of sexual violence used specifically against women because we understand that in repressive contexts this methods are used with some purposes: posses a woman and have dominion over her; use their body as a "war weapon" against the men they're vinculated and double punish them, because they were oppositionists of the imposed system or because they transgressed their "feminine social role". We understand that many women suffered and still suffer with violence, such as psychological, symbolical or physical, no matter what kind of society they are. However, in war contexts or repressive ones, this violence reaches high levels of brutality and cruelty. Therefore, we understand that this specific violence was also used by the agents of the brazilian dictatorship as a systematic practice with the objective to destroy those women because of the motives previous presented.« (Source: Thesis)


  Agradecimentos (p. 4)
  Resumo (p. 6)
  Abstract (p. 7)
  Lista de siglas (p. 9)
  Introdução (p. 11)
  Capítulo 1 - A violência sexual contra as mulheres em contextos repressivos (p. 24)
    1.1 - A violência sexual contra as mulheres: um panorama mundial (p. 26)
    1.1.1 - Estupro/escravidão sexual/prostituição forçada: o butim de "guerra" (p. 30)
    1.2 - As denúncias de violência sexual no Cone Sul (p. 34)
    1.2.1 - O caso argentino: a violência sexual como crime de lesa humanidade (p. 39)
  Capítulo 2 - A violência sexual como um dos mecanismos do Terrorismos de Estado: o caso brasileiro (p. 49)
    2.1 - As modalidades de violência sexual utilizadas na ditadura brasileira (p. 55)
    2.2 - A repressão de 1964 a 1968 (p. 59)
    2.2.1 - A violência sexual contra as mulheres no pré AI-5 (p. 64)
    2.3 - A violência sexual de 1968 a 1985 (p. 69)
  Capítulo 3 - Violência sexual e violência materna: marcas de um passado que não se apaga (p. 84)
    3.1 - Terrorismo Sexual no Terrorismo de Estado Brasileiro (p. 86)
    3.2 - A maternidade como arma específica contra as mulheres (p. 95)
    3.3 - As marcas que não se apagam (p. 100)
  Considerações Finais (p. 107)
  Arquivos Pesquisados (p. 111)
  Fontes apresentadas (p. 111)
  Sites pesquisados (p. 112)
  Bibliografia (p. 115)

Wikipedia: History of the Americas: History of Brazil / Brazilian military government