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Author: Peter Collar

Title: The Propaganda War in the Rhineland

Subtitle: Weimar Germany, Race and Occupation After World War I

Place: London

Publisher: I.B. Tauris

Year: 2012

Pages: 352pp.

Series: International Library of Twentieth Century History 57

ISBN-13: 9781780763460 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | French History, German History; Society: Rape Myths; Types: Interracial Rape

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  List of Illustrations (p. vii)
  Abbreviations (p. xi)
  Glossary (p. xiii)
  Acknowledgements (p. xvi)
  Introduction (p. 1)
  1. The Pfalz: Focus of French Amibitions in the Weimar Crisis Years (p. 13)
  2. The Bavarian Pfalzzentrale and the Rheinische Volkspflege: A Discordant Evolution (p. 40)
  3. The Origins of the Schwarze Schmach Campaign (p. 76)
  4. Women in Rhineland Propaganda: Exploiters or the Exploited? (P. 94)
  5. Publicly Funded Propaganda and Private Initiatives: Contrasting Styles and Motivation (p. 130)
  6. The Pfalzzentrale: Metamorphosis and Dissolution (p. 173)
  7. Pfalzzentrale Propaganda: Anti-France, but Pro-Bavaria or Pro-Reich? (p. 205)
  8. German Rhineland Propaganda: The Product of a Fractured Society (p. 243)
  Appendix I: Constituent Organisations of the Rheinische Frauenliga in May 1921 (p. 260)
  Appendix II: Presentations Made by Leading Members of the Rheinische Frauenliga in Autumn 1920 (p. 262)
  Appendix III: Questionnaire Sent Out by the Rheinische Frauenliga, February 1922 (p. 264)
  Appendix IV: 1871 and Now (p. 271)
  Appendix V: Appeal by the Volksbund 'Rettet die Ehre' (p. 273)
  Appendix VI: Railway Propaganda Leaflet (p. 275)
  Notes (p. 276)
  Bibliography (p. 312)
  Index (p. 323)

Description: »Piecing together a fractured European continent after World War I, the Versailles Peace Treaty stipulated the long term occupation of the Rhineland by Allied troops. This occupation, perceived as a humiliation by the political right, caused anger and dismay in Germany and an aggressive propaganda war broke out - heightened by an explosion of vicious racist propaganda against the use of non- European colonial troops by France in the border area. These troops, the so-called Schwarze Schmach or 'Black humiliation' raised questions of race and the Other in a Germany which was to be torn apart by racial anger in the decades to come. Here, in the first English-language book on the subject, Peter Collar uses the propaganda posters, letters and speeches to reconstruct the nature and organisation of a propaganda campaign conducted against a background of fractured international relations and turbulent internal politics in the early years of the Weimar Republic. This will be essential reading for students and scholars of Weimar Germany and those interested in Race and Politics in the early 20th Century.« (Source: I.B. Tauris)


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