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Author: Edward E. Cohen

Title: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Rights

Subtitle: Slaves' Erotic Experience at Athens and Rome

In: A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities

Edited by: Thomas K. Hubbard

Place: Oxford and Malden, MA

Publisher: Wiley Blackwell

Year: 2014

Pages: 184-198

Series: Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World

ISBN-13: 9781405195720 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome | Types: Slave Rape; Victims: Slaves

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Additional Information

Author: Edward E. Cohen, Department of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania


  Athens (p. 185)
    Slaves' sexual exploitation, slaves' sexual protection (p. 185)
    "Home, sweet home?" Prostitution as domestic labor (p.190)
  Rome (p. 192)
  Guide to Further Reading (p. 194)

Wikipedia: Sexuality in ancient Rome

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