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Title Information

Author: Michele Grigsby Coffey

Title: The State of Louisiana v. Charles Guerand

Subtitle: Interracial Sexual Mores, Rape Rhetoric, and Respectability in 1930s New Orleans

Journal: Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association

Volume: 54

Issue: 1

Year: 2013

Pages: 47-94

ISSN: 0024-6816 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Cases: Offenders / Charles Guerand; Cases: Victims / Hattie McCray; Types: Attempted Rape, Interracial Rape; Victims: Girls, Homicide

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Author: Michele Grigsby Coffey, Department of History, University of

Abstract: »The article discusses the 1930 murder of a fourteen-year-old African American dishwasher named Hattie McCray in New Orleans, Louisiana by white police patrolman Charles Guerand after she refused his sexual advances. It comments on the subsequent court case, the State of Louisiana v. Charles Guerand. The author examines coverage of the case in black and white New Orleans newspapers and considers ideas about respectability, noting portrayals of McCray as virtuous and Guerand as bestial. A fund called the McCray Fund, used to a hire a special prosecutor, is also considered.« (Source: EBSCOhost)

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