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Author: Anna K. Clark

Title: Rape or seduction?

Subtitle: A controversy over sexual violence in the nineteenth century

In: The sexual dynamics of history: men's power, women's resistance

Edited by: London Feminist History Group

Place: London

Publisher: Pluto Press

Year: 1983

Pages: 13-27 and 207-209

ISBN-10: 0861047117 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century | English History | Cases: Offenders / Abraham Thornton; Cases: Victims / Mary Ashford; Victims: Homicide


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Abstract: »Anna Clark, focusing on the early nineteenth century, uses a controversial rape-murder case to reveal class-based attitudes toward female sexual behaviour. These attitudes concealed the realities of rape and prevented women from protesting against male aggression.« (The sexual dynamics of history: Men's power, women's resistance. Edited by the London Feminist History Group. London 1983: 12)