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Author: L. Juliana M. Claassens

Title: Claiming Her Dignity

Subtitle: Female Resistance in the Old Testament

Place: Collegeville, MN

Publisher: Liturgical Press

Year: 2016

Pages: 192pp.

ISBN-13: 9780814684191 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9780814684436 (ebk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Cases: Offenders / Amnon; Cases: Victims / Tamar; Representations: Biblical Texts / Books of Samuel; Victims: Trauma



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Author: Juliana Claassens, Department of Old and New Testament, Stellenbosch, ResearchGate


  Acknowledgments (p. ix)
  Introduction (p. xiii)
  Chapter 1. Resisting the Violence of War (p. 1)
    1. Understanding Collective Violence (p. 1)
    2. Rizpah's Lament (2 Samuel 21) (p. 4)
    3. Abigail's Hospitality (1 Samuel 25) (p. 17)
    4. Rizpah's and Abigail's of "These Modern Days" (p. 31)
  Chapter 2. Resisting the Violence of Rape (p. 34)
    1. The Terrorizing Reality of Rape (p. 34)
    2. Tamar's Cry (2 Samuel 13) (p. 38)
    3. Susanna's Prayer (p. 50)
    4. A World without Rape (p. 64)
  Chapter 3. Resisting the Violence of Patriarchy Heterarchy (p. 67)
    1. From Patriarchy to Heterarchy (p. 67)
    2. The Daughter of Jephthah's Elegy (Judges 11) (p. 71)
    3. The Daughters of Zelophehad's Resolve (Numbers 27) (p. 84)
    4. Smashing Patriarchy? (p. 99)
  Chapter 4. Resisting the Violence of Precarity (p. 102)
    1. Poverty as the Worst Form of Violence (p. 102)
    2. Hagar's Tears (Genesis 16, 21) / Sarah's Laughter (Genesis 18, 21) (p. 106)
    3. Ruth, Naomi, and Tamar's Resilience (p. 121)
    4. Transforming Narratives, Transforming Communities (p. 133)
  Conclusion (p. 137)
    1. Telling Stories (p. 137)
    2. Memory (p. 139)
    3. Salvation (p. 141)
    4. Agency (p. 144)
    5. Complexitiy (p. 148)
    6. Hope (p. 151)
  Postscript (p. 153)
  Author and Subject Index (p. 157)
  Scripture Index (p. 163)

Description: »To be human means to resist dehumanization. In the darkest periods of human history, men and women have risen up and in many different voices said this one thing: "Do not treat me like this. Treat me like the human being that I am." Claiming Her Dignity explores a number of stories from the Old Testament in which women in a variety of creative ways resist the violence of war, rape, heterarchy, and poverty. Amid the life-denying circumstances that seek to attack, violate, and destroy the bodies and psyches of women, men, and children, the women featured in this book absolutely refuse to succumb to the explicit, and at times subtle but no less harmful, manifestations of violence that they face.« (Source: Liturgical Press)

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