Christiansen 2004 Assault

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Author: Tanja Christiansen

Title: Disobedience, Slander, Seduction, and Assault

Subtitle: Women and Men in Cajamarca, Peru, 1862–1900

Place: Austin, TX

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Year: 2004

Pages: 283pp.

ISBN-10: 0292702884 (hardcover) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-10: 0292705638 (pbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century | Peruvian History

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  Abbreviations (p. ix)
  Acknowledgments (p. xi)
  1. Introduction: Presenting the Case (p. 1)
  2. Cajamarcan Society under the Magnifying Glass: Regional Society, Economy, and Politics in the Nineteenth Century (p. 21)
  3. Legislating Gender: The Law, Official Gender Norms, and Notions of Honor (p. 40)
  4. Survival Strategies: Negotiating Matrimony (p. 56)
  5. Injurias Verbales y Calumnias: Slander (p. 91)
  6. Rapto, Seducción, Violación, and Estupro: Moving beyond the Loss of Honor (p. 115)
  7. Conflict and Cooperation among Women (p. 140)
  8. Conclusion (p. 171)
  Appendix A. Marital and Literacy Data from Criminal Trials, 1862-1900 (p. 189)
  Appendix B. Data from the National Census Conducted in 1876 (p. 191)
  Appendix C. Cited Trials (p. 203)
  Notes (p. 213)
  Bibliography (p. 249)
  Index (p. 259)


»Though the law and courts of nineteenth-century Peru were institutions created by and for the ruling elite, women of all classes used the system to negotiate the complexities of property rights, childrearing, and marriage, and often to defend their very definitions of honor. Drawing on the trial transcripts of Cajamarca, a northern Peruvian province, from more than a century ago, this book shares eye-opening details about life among this community, in which reputation could determine a woman's chances of survival.
Exploring the processes of courtship, seduction, and familial duties revealed in these court records, historian Tanja Christiansen has unearthed a compelling panorama that includes marital strife, slander, disobedience, street brawls, and spousal abuse alongside documents that give evidence of affection and devotion. Her research also yields much new information about the protocols for conflict and cooperation among nineteenth-century Peruvian women from all social strata, and the prevalence of informal unions in an economy driven in large part by migratory male labor. Reviving a little-known aspect of Latin American history, Christiansen's book simultaneously brings to light an important microcosm of women's history during the nineteenth century.« (Source: University of Texas Press)


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