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Author: Danielle Christenson

Title: Chain of Command

Subtitle: The Barriers of Reporting Sexual Assault in the Military

Thesis: Honors Thesis in Criminal Justice, Bridgewater Sate University

Year: May 2014

Pages: 67pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | U.S. History | Cases: Others / Aberdeen Scandal, Tailhook Scandal, United States Air Force Academy Sexual Assault Scandal; Cases: Victims / Jessica Bleckley, Paula Couglin; Types: Work-Related Rape

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Abstract: »Reported rates of sexual assault in the military have increased dramatically over the past 10 years (Groves, 2013). One reason for the pervasiveness of sexual assault is the reporting structure. Despite changes in the way sexual assault complaints are handled, there continue to be numerous sexual assault scandals (Childress, 2013). The purpose of this study is to examine how the military’s chain of command influences the reporting procedures, and how this may influence the military’s ability to prevent sexual assaults. This thesis examines three case studies specifically focusing on military sexual assault reporting.« (Source: Thesis)


  Abstract (p. 1)
  Chapter One: Introduction (p. 3)
  Chapter Two: Culture of the Military, and Policy Relevance (p. 6)
  Chapter 3: The Military Justice Process, the Problem with Reporting Sexual Assault and the Chain of Command (pü. 11)
    The Military Justice Process (p. 11)
    Reporting Process and Problems (p. 11)
    Chain of Command (p. 13)
  Chapter 4: Methods (p. 15)
    Congressional Records and Hearings (p. 16)
    Congressional Records (p. 16)
    Official Military Reports (p. 16)
    Written Documentation (p. 18)
    Secondary Interviews (p. 18)
    How the data will be assessed (p. 18)
  Chapter 5: Case Studies (p. 21)
    Case Study 1: Tailhook (p. 21)
      The Gauntlet (p. 21)
      Prostitution (p. 23)
      Indecent Exposure (p. 23)
      "Sharking" (p. 23)
      "Zapping" (p. 24)
      Investigation (p. 24)
      Department of Defense Inspector General Report (p. 25)
      Punishment (p. 27)
      Command Problems with Paula Coughlin Case (p.29)
      Policies and Procedures Post-Tailhook (p. 31)
    Case Study 2: Aberdeen (p. 32)
      Investigation (p. 32)
      Charges (p. 33)
      Obstruction of Reporting by the Chain of Command (p. 35)
      Policies and Procedures Post Aberdeen (p. 36)
    Case Study 3: Air Force Academy Assault (p. 37)
      Investigation (p. 37)
      Charges (p. 42)
      Command Problems (p. 42)
      Policies and Procedures Post Academy Sexual Assault (p. 43)
  Chapter 6: Limitations and Conclusions (p. 45)
  References (p. 50)
  Appendix A: Timelines (p. 56)
    Timeline Tailhook '91 (p. 56)
    Aberdeen Timeline (p. 58)
    Timeline: 2003 Air Force Sexual Assault i (p. 60)
    Timeline 2003: Air Force Academy ii (p. 61)
  Appendix B: Chain of Command Structure With Key Players (Highest to Lowest Rank) (p. 63)

Wikipedia: Sexual assault in the United States military: Aberdeen scandal, Paula Coughlin, Tailhook scandal, 2003 United States Air Force Academy sexual assault scandal

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