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Authors: Ritvik Chauhan and Vijay Kumar Baraik

Title: Mapping Crime against Women in India

Subtitle: Spatio-Temporal Analysis, 2001-2012

Journal: International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering

Volume: 10

Issue: 6

Year: 2016

Pages: 2196-2207

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 21st Century | Asian History: Indian History


Link: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (Free Access)


Abstract: »Women are most vulnerable to crime despite occupying central position in shaping a society as the first teacher of children. In India too, having equal rights and constitutional safeguards, the incidences of crime against them are large and grave. In this context of crime against women, especially rape has been increasing over time. This paper explores the spatial and temporal aspects of crime against women in India with special reference to rape. It also examines the crime against women with its spatial, socio-economic and demographic associates using related data obtained from the National Crime Records Bureau India, Indian Census and other government sources of the Government of India. The simple statistical, choropleth mapping and other cartographic representation methods have been used to see the crime rates, spatiotemporal patterns of crime, and association of crime with its correlates. The major findings are visible spatial variations across the country and are also in the rising trends in terms of incidence and rates over the reference period. The study also indicates that the geographical associations are somewhat observed. However, selected indicators of socio-economic factors seem to have no significant bearing on crime against women at this level.« (Source: International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering)


  Abstract (p. 2196)
  I. Introduction (p. 2196)
  II. Objectives (p. 2197)
  III. Data and Methods (p. 2197)
  IV. Spatial Pattern of Crime against Women in India (p. 2197)
    A. Total Crimes against Women (p. 2197)
    A. Crime Against Women (Rape) (p. 2198)
  V. Temporal Pattern (p. 2198)
  VI. Relation of Known Offenders/Offenders Background (p. 2198)
  VII. Associations (p. 2198)
    A. Geographic (p. 2199)
    B. Socio-economic (p. 2199)
  VIII. Conclusion (p. 2199)
  Appendix (p. 2199)
  References (p. 2207)

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