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Author: Piasha Oisarjyo Chanda

Title: The Evolution of Rape

Subtitle: A Deadly Weapon of War in a Cyber World

Thesis: M.Sc. Thesis, Utica College

Advisor: Cynthia Gonnella

Year: August 2016

Pages: 64pp.

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 21st Century | Types: Wartime Sexual Violence


Link: ProQuest (Restricted Access)


Abstract: »The purpose of this research was to investigate the evolution of rape becoming a weapon of war and how cyber technology impacts the ideology of rape used as a weapon of war. The research focused on the following three topics: how rape evolved to a weapon of war, how terrorists exploit cyber technology, specifically social media, to spread propaganda and gain support, and future ramifications that result from incidents of rape used as a weapon of war. It is important to research this phenomenon because the results of rape used as a weapon of war affect more than the immediate victims.
Militants, armies, and other similar groups including terrorist organizations are increasingly using rape as a weapon of war to achieve their political goals. Rape, alone, has crippling effects on individual victims that fall prey to such a devastating crime. When attackers strategize the use of rape and utilize it as a weapon of war, the effects of it impact mass amounts of people beyond the immediate victims. Family members, societies as a whole, and future generations suffer for years from the desolating consequences.
The results of this research found that there is lack of research concerning the issues surrounding rape used as a weapon of war. The lack of reliable data and comprehensive analysis leads to insufficient solutions, ill-equipped organizations that cannot effectively offer aid to victims, or no solutions at all. A better understanding of the increasingly popular trend amongst terrorist organizations to use rape as a weapon of war will provide policy makers with better insight on how to combat the heinous acts. Keywords: Cybersecurity, Cynthia Gonnella, Human Rights, ISIS, Boko Haram, Mass Genocide, Propaganda.« (Source: Thesis)


  Abstract (p. iii)
  Acknowledgements (p. iv)
  List of Illustrative Materials (p. vi)
  The Evolution of Rape: A Deadly Weapon of War in a Cyber World (p. 1)
    Quantifying Rape as an Act of War (p. 3)
    Failed Military Reporting (p. 4)
    Social and Cultural Stigma (p. 5)
    Resources, Infrastructure, and Education (p. 5)
    Propaganda and the Cyber World (p. 7)
  Literature Review (p. 8)
    The Evolution of Rape Used as a Weapon of War Against Women and Children (p. 8)
    Terrorists Exploit Social Media to Incite Violent Acts Against Humanity (p. 18)
    Future Ramifications of Rape Used as a Weapon of War Against Women and Children (p. 27)
  Discussion of the Findings (p. 35)
    Recommendations (p. 49)
  Future Research Recommendations (p. 50)
    How Do Other Cultures Define and View Rape? (p. 50)
    How Are Men Impacted by The Effects of Rape Used as A Weapon of War? (p. 51)
    How Can Cyber Technology, Such as Social media, Be Used to Combat Propaganda Encouraging the Use of Rape as a Weapon of War? (p. 52)
  References (p. 54)

Wikipedia: Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence