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Authors: Khristopher Carlson and Dyan Mazurana

Title: Forced marriage within the Lord's Resistance Army, Uganda

Subtitle: -

Place: Medford, MA

Publisher: Feinstein International Center, Tufts University

Year: May 2008

Pages: 70pp.

OCLC Number: 428106556 – Find a Library: WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | African History: Ugandan History | Types: Forced Marriage; Victims: Abduction


Link: Feinstein International Center, Tufts University (Free Access)



Khristopher Carlson, Small Arms, ResearchGate

Dyan Mazurana, Feinstein International Center, Tufts UniversityResearchGate


  I. Executive Summary (p. 4)
  II. Introduction and Study Overview (p. 8)
    Study Methods and Sites (p. 9)
    Overview of Uganda (p. 10)
    The Acholi and Langi People of Northern Uganda (p. 11)
    Armed Confl ict in Northern Uganda (p. 11)
  III. Forced Marriage Within the LRA (p. 14)
    Recognizing the Crime of Forced Marriage (p. 14)
    Forced Marriage within the LRA (p. 16)
    Leaving the LRA (p. 26)
    Involvement with Captor Husbands Outside of Captivity (p. 27)
    Community Responses to Forced Marriage (p. 28)
  IV. Forced Marriage in International, National, and Customary Law in Uganda (p. 34)
    Developments in International Law Regarding Sexual and Gender-based Violence (p. 34)
    Development of International Law Regarding Forced Marriage During Armed Conflict (p. 40)
    Indictments by the International Criminal Court (p. 44)
    Ugandan National Law and Forced Marriages within the LRA (p. 45)
    Acholi and Langi Customary Marriage (p. 51)
    Acholi and Langi Customary Mechanisms (p. 55)
    Cleansing Ceremonies for Forcibly Married Females (p. 61)
  V. Conclusion (p. 64)
    Forced Marriage as a Crime Against Humanity (p. 64)
    Addressing Sexual and Gender Crimes in Truth Telling and Prosecutorial Bodies (p. 66)
    Addressing Sexual and Gender Crimes within Communities (p. 69)
  About the Authors (p. 70)

Description: »The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)—a rebel movement fighting the government of Uganda—is estimated to have kidnapped over 60,000 Ugandan children and youth. Those abducted include one in three male adolescents and one in six female adolescents in northern Ugandan. While in captivity thousands of abducted young women and girls—most of whom are from the Acholi, Lango, and Iteso peoples—fought, cooked, carried supplies, fetched water, and cleaned for LRA fighters and commanders, including those who organized and carried out their abductions. Many of those abducted also served as forced wives to male members of the group. Half of those forced into marriage bore children. A minority of abducted females was forced to fight and some used violence against their own communities.
This report is based on in-depth investigation, primarily drawing on the testimony of 103 women and girls who were abducted and forced into marriage with LRA combatants. The authors also interviewed parents and family members of abducted females; ex-LRA combatants; religious, clan, and community leaders; local government officials; Acholi and Langi clan leaders and people responsible for customary law; lawyers, and local, national, and international NGOs working in northern Uganda.« (Source: )

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