Brouer 2014 Outrage

Title Information

Author: Deirdre Brouer

Title: Voices of Outrage against Rape

Subtitle: Textual Evidence in Judges 19

Journal: Priscilla Papers

Volume: 28

Issue: 1

Year: Winter 2014

Pages: 24-28

ISSN: 0898-753X – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Representations: Bible

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Additional Information

Author: Deirdre Brouer, Horizon College Denver

Abstract: »The article demonstrates how the biblical writers view women and rape, and how the narrator of Judges 19 speaks outrage against rape, aimed at proving how such voices within the Old Testament (OT) are relevant and redeeming in the present day. Topics include a background and terminology related to prophetic literature, an in-depth look at the woman from Bethlehem, and how God's own voice of outrage against rape is heard through the verses in the bible.« (Source: EBESCOhost)


  Background and terminology (p. 24)
  A closer look at the woman from Bethlehem (p. 24)
  The narrative of Judges 19 unfolds (p. 25)
  Conclusion (p. 26)
  Notes (p. 26)

Wikipedia: Book of Judges: Battle of Gibeah; Crime and punishment in the Bible

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