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Author: Carolyn Bronstein

Title: Battling Pornography

Subtitle: The American Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement, 1976-1986

Place: Cambridge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Year: 2011

Pages: 374pp.

ISBN-13: 9780521879227 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9781107400399 (pbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat ISBN-13: 9781139064378 (ebk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Society: Anti-Pornography Movement

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Author: Carolyn Bronstein, College of Communication, DePaul University


  List of Figures (p. xi)
  Acknowledgments (p. xi)
  Introduction: Battling Pornography: The American Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement, 1976-1986 (p. 1)
  1. Seeds of Discontent: The Failed Promise of the Sexual Revolution for Women (p. 25)
  2. Male Violence and the Critique of Heterosexuality: The Influence of Radical Feminism on the Anti-Pornography Movement (p. 38)
  3. Have You Seen Deep Throat Yet? The Growth of the Commercial Sex Industry in 1970s America (p. 63)
  4. "I'm Black and Blue from the Rolling Stones and I Love It!": Women Against Violence Against Women and the Campaign Against Media Violence (p. 83)
  5. Something Inside Me Just Went "Click": Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media and the Transition to an Anti-Pornography Movement (p. 127)
  6. Growing Pains: The Emergence of Women Against Pornography and New Directions for the Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement (p. 173)
  7. Porn Tours: Tensions and Triumphs for WAp (p. 200)
  8. The New Lay of the Land: WAP Assumes Leadership of the Movement and Faces Challenges from Within and Without (p. 238)
  9. Anti-Pornography Comes Undone: The Rise of the Feminist Pro-Sex Countermovement (p. 279)
  Conclusion: Porn Is Here to Stay: The Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement in the 1980s and Beyond (p. 309)
  Bibliography (p. 337)
  Index (p. 355)

Description: »Pornography catapulted to the forefront of the American women's movement in the 1980s, singled out by some leading feminists as a key agent of female oppression and celebrated by others as an essential ingredient of sexual liberation. In Battling Pornography, Carolyn Bronstein locates the origins of anti-pornography sentiment in the turbulent social and cultural history of the late 1960s and 1970s, including women's mixed responses to the sexual revolution, and explains the gradual emergence of a controversial anti-pornography movement. Based on extensive original archival research, the book reveals that that the seeds of the movement were planted by groups who protested the proliferation of advertisements, Hollywood films, and other mainstream media that glorified sexual violence. Over time, feminist leaders redirected the emphasis from violence to pornography to leverage rhetorical power, unwittingly attracting right-wing supporters who opposed sexual freedom and igniting a forceful feminist counter-movement in defense of sexuality and free speech. Battling Pornography presents a fascinating account of the rise and fall of this significant American social movement and documents the contributions of influential activists on both sides of the pornography debate, including some of the best-known American feminists.« (Source: Cambridge University Press)


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Wikipedia: Opposition to pornography: Anti-pornography movement in the United States; Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media

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