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Author: Melissa Bloom Bissonette

Title: “A Right Judgment”

Subtitle: Rape Trial Conventions Revisited in Joseph Andrews and Tom Jones

Journal: Law, Culture and the Humanities

Volume: Published online before print


Year: 2016 (Published online: November 15, 2016)


ISSN: 1743-8721 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1743-9752 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 18th Century | European History: English History | Representations: Literary Texts / Henry Fielding


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Author: Melissa Bissonette, English Department, St. John Fisher College

Abstract: »This article argues that in both Joseph Andrews (1742) and Tom Jones (1749), Henry Fielding, who practiced law and wrote novels when both were undergoing significant transformations, takes what could have been archetypal scenes of rape and rescue and makes them illuminating explorations of how juries determine the truth. In presenting these attempted rape scenes within the implicit format of a contemporary rape trial, Fielding directs the reader to observe the missteps in the process of judicial decision-making, as well as the steps and missteps in his or her own determination of the trustworthiness of characters and their testimony.« (Source: Law, Culture and the Humanities)

Wikipedia: History of Europe: History of England / Georgian era | Literature: English literature / Augustan literature | 18th-century English writers: Henry Fielding / Joseph Andrews, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling