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Author: Maria Bevacqua

Title: Rape on the Public Agenda

Subtitle: Feminism and the Politics of Sexual Assault

Place: Boston

Publisher: Northeastern University Press

Year: 2000

Pages: xiii + 280pp.

ISBN-10: 1555534473 (cloth) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-10: 1555534465 (pbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History | Society: Anti-Rape Movement


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Author: Maria Bevacqua, Gender & Women’s Studies Department, Minnesota State University at Mankato


  List of Figures and Tables (p. vii)
  List of Abbreviations (p. ix)
  Acknowledgments (p. xi)
  An Introduction to Anti-Rape Politics (p. 3)
  1. Historical Development: Rape on the Feminist Agenda (p. 18)
    Historical Roots of Rape Consciousness (p. 19)
    Conceptualizing the Anti-Rape Movement (p. 26)
    The Organizational Base of the Anti-Rape Movement (p. 28)
      Radical Feminist Movement (p. 29)
      Anti-Rape Movement and Radical Feminism (p. 29)
      Anti-Rape Movement and Liberal Feminism (p. 35)
      Black Feminist Critique (p. 37)
      Women of Color and the Anti-Rape Movement (p. 38)
    Communications Networks (p. 42)
      Radical Feminist Communications Networks (p. 43)
      Liberal Feminist Communications Networks (p. 48)
    Shared Consciousness (p. 50)
    Critical Mobilizing Events (p. 54)
    The Ideology of the Anti-Rape Movement (p. 57)
      Reconceptualizing Rape (p. 58)
      Reconceptualizing Rape Victims (p. 60)
      Reconceptualizing Rapists (p. 62)
  2. Anti-Rape Organizing and Strategies (p. 66)
    Self-Defense (p. 67)
    Guerrilla Cction (p. 69)
    Take Back the Night (p. 71)
    The Rape Crisis Center (p. 73)
      Feminist Alliance Against Rape (p. 80)
      Statewide Coalitions (p. 87)
    Rape Law Reform (p. 88)
    Joint Efforts: Rape Crisis Centers and Rape Law Reformers (p. 102)
  3. Historical Development: Rape on the Public Agenda (p. 111)
    Defining Public Policy (p. 112)
    The Policy Process and Agenda Setting (p. 113)
    Problem Recognition and Definition (p. 114)
      1970s' Approach to Crime: Get Tough (p. 116)
      The Media and the Anti-Rape Agenda (p. 122)
      Highly Publicized Rape Cases and Trials of the 1970s (p. 127)
      Rape on the ABA Agenda (p. 129)
      Judicial Quips (p. 130)
    Agenda Setting (p. 132)
      Feminist Agenda vs. Public Agenda (p. 132)
      Women in Public Office (p. 133)
      Rape on Campus (p. 136)
    Policy Formulation (p. 138)
      Local Developments (p. 139)
      Developments in the the States (p. 142)
      Federal Developments: Legislative (p. 143)
      Federal Developments: Judicial (p. 145)
    Budgeting (p. 147)
    Policy Evaluation (p. 149)
  4. The Anti-Rape Agenda from the 1980s to Today (p. 152)
    Rape Categories (p. 153)
    Sensationalized Rape Trials (p. 157)
    Other Rape Cases (p. 162)
    Anti-Rape Organizing on Campus (p. 163)
    Keeping Rape on the Institutional Agenda (p. 168)
      The House and the Senate on Rape, 1980s and 1990s (p. 168)
    Federal Courts (p. 173)
      The Violence Against Women Act in Federal Courts (p. 175)
    Feminism and the Sex Wars (p. 176)
    Anti-Anti-Rape Backlash (p. 181)
      Paglia, Roiphe, and Sommers (p. 183)
      Organized Backlash (p. 188)
      Implications of the Backlash (p. 190)
  5. Conclusions and Implications (p. 194)
    Rape Policy Analysis (p. 196)
    Future Research (p. 197)
  Appendix 1: Time Line of Anti-Rape Events (p. 203)
  Appendix 2: Bylaws of the Rape Crisis Center of Washington, D.C. (p. 209)
  Appendix 3: Rape Prevention and Control Act of 1975 (p. 211)
  Appendix 4: Privacy Protection for Rape Victims Act of 1978 (p. 214)
  Appendix 5: Sexual Abuse Act of 1986 (p. 217)
  Appendix 6: Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (p. 222)
  Appendix 7: Advisory Council on Violence Against Women (p. 224)
  Appendix 8: Drug-Induced Rape Prevention and Control Act of 1996 (p. 226)
  Notes (p. 229)
  References (p. 241)
    Works Consulted (p. 241)
    Government Documents (p. 264)
    Manuscript Collections (p. 266)
    Interviews (p. 266)
    Table of Cases (p. 267)
  Index (p. 269)


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