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Author: Christopher T. Begg

Title: The Rape of Tamar (2 Samuel 13) according to Josephus

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Journal: Estudios bíblicos

Volume: 54

Issue: 4

Year: 1996

Pages: 465-500

ISSN: 0014-1437 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Cases: Offenders / Amnon; Cases: Victims / Tamar; Representations: Bible / Books of Samuel; Representations: Historical Works


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Author: Christopher T. Begg, School of Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University of America

Abstract: »2 Samuel 13 tells of a double tragedy that befell the house of David, i.e. Amnon's rape of Tamar and Amnon's subsequent assassination by Absalom. This essay presents a detailed comparison of Josephus' version of these episodes in Antiquitates Judaicae 7.162-180 with its Biblical source, and addresses some overarching questions suggested by that comparison.« (Source: Estudios bíblicos)

Wikipedia: Crime and punishment in the Bible; Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews; Old Testament: Amnon, Books of Samuel, Tamar (Genesis)