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Author: Goran Basic

Title: Constructing “Ideal Victim” Stories of Bosnian War Survivors

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Journal: Social Inclusion

Volume: 3

Issue: 4

Year: 2015 (Submitted: February 20, 2015, Revised: May 6, 2015, Accepted: June 16, 2015, Published: July 16, 2015)

Pages: 25-37

eISSN: 2183-2803 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | European History: Bosnian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Bosnian War



* Cogitatio Press (Free Access)

* Lund University Publications (Free Access)


Author: Goran Basic, Sociologiska institutionen (Department of Sociology), Lunds Universitet (Lund University)

Abstract: »Previous research on victimhood during and after the Bosnian war has emphasized the importance of narratives but has not focused on narratives about victimhood or analyzed post-war interviews as a competition for victimhood. This article tries to fill this gap using stories told by survivors of the Bosnian war during the 1990s. In this analysis of the retold experi-ences of 27 survivors of the war in northwestern Bosnia, the aim is to describe the informants’ portrayal of “victimhood” as a social phenomenon as well as analyzing the discursive patterns that contribute to constructing the category “victim”. When, after the war, different categories claim a “victim” status, it sparks a competition for victimhood. All informants are eager to present themselves as victims while at the same time the other categories’ victim status are downplayed. In this repro-duction of competition for the victim role, all demarcations that were played out so successfully during the war live on.« (Source: Social Inclusion)


  Abstract (p. 25)
  1. Introduction (p. 25)
  2. Analytical Starting Points (p. 26)
    2.1. Conflict and Competition (p. 26)
    2.2. Status of "Victim" and "Perpetrator" (p. 26)
  3. Method (p. 27)
  4. War Victim (p. 29)
  5. Post-War Victim (p. 31)
  6. Economic Victim (p. 33)
  7. Concluding Remarks (p. 34)
  Acknowledgments (p. 35)
  Conflict of Interests (p. 35)
  References (p. 35)
  About the Author (p. 37)

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