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Editor: Anne Llewellyn Barstow

Title: War's Dirty Secret

Subtitle: Rape, Prostitution, and Other Crimes Against Women

Place: Cleveland, OH

Publisher: Pilgram Press

Year: 2000

Pages: 257pp.

ISBN-10: 0829813934 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Types: Wartime Rape


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  Abbreviations (p. ix)
  Contributors (p. xi)
  Acknowledgments (p. xiii)
  Introduction (p. 1)
  Part One. Sexual slavery
  1. Chung, Hyun K. ""Your comfort versus my death": Korean comfort women." (pp. 13-24)
  2. Ogoshi, Aiko, and Kiyoko Shimizu. "Japanese women who stand with comfort women." (pp. 26-36)
  3. Barstow, Anne L. »Taiwan: "Money Can't Buy our Youth Back; Apology Can't Make up for Our Fate"« (pp. 38-44)
  Part Two. Rape as a weapon of armed conflict
  4. Chang, Iris. "The rape of Nanking." (pp. 46-55)
  5. Salzman, Todd. ""Rape camps," forced impregnation, and ethnic cleansing: religious, cultural, and ethical responses to rape victims in the former Yugoslavia." (pp. 63-91)
  6. Flanders, Laura. "Rwanda's living casualties." (pp. 95-99)
  7. Muchina, Pauline. "What are you doing to stop violence against women and girls in Africa?" (pp. 101-122)
  8. Ciborski, Marion. "Guatemala: "We thought it was only the men they would kill"." (pp. 124-137)
  9. Vukelich, Donna. "Nicaragua: "In my country of water and fire ..."." (pp. 139-153)
  10. Flanders, Laura. "J'accuse." (pp. 157-165)
  Part Three. Women and the U.S. military
  11. Morris, Madeline. "In war and peace: rape, war, and military culture." (pp. 167-202)
  12. Butler, Jennifer S. "Militarized prostitution: the untold story (U.S.A.)." (pp. 204-232)
  Part Four. The international response
  13. Barstow, Anne L. »The United Nations' Role in Defining War Crimes Against Women« (pp. 234-242)
  Conclusion (p. 244)
  Resources (p. 247)
  Index (p. 253)


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