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Author: Ross Barber

Title: Capital Punishment in Queensland

Subtitle: -

Thesis: B.A. Thesis, University of Queensland

Year: 1967

Pages: 218pp.

OCLC Number: 37404969 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 19th Century | Oceanian History: Australian History | Offenders: Punishments / Death Penalty


Link: UQ eSpace: Digital Repository of the University of Queensland (Free Access)


Abstract: »Chap.1; Crimes arising from clashes between Aborigines and squatters in the western areas; Chap.2; 1880, the capture of Johnny Campbell, the Black Bushranger of Gympie district; Chap.3; 1860s, capital punishment for rape retained; belief by some white men that the death penalty was the only deterrent to Aborigines; unequal treatment of white population & natives; the only prisoners executed for rape were Aborigines.« (Source: National Library of Australia)


  Chapter 1. "Introductory Matters" (p. 1)
    Queensland Takes the Initiative (p. 1)
    English Traditions (p. 6)
    Mode and Manner of Executions (p. 12)
    The Decision: To Hang or not to Hang (p. 18)
    The Purpose of Capital Punishment (p. 22)
    Other Abolition States and the Problem of Inconsistent Queensland Statistics (p. 24)
  Chapter 2. The Semi-Property Offences and Treason (p. 28)
    (a) Bushranging (p. 28)
    Section 44 in Operation (p. 30)
    A Change in the Attitude of Town Dwellers (p. 33)
    Abolition (p. 42)
    Effect as a Deterrent (p. 43)
    (b) Piracy (p. 45)
    (c) Treason (p. 48)
    The Crimes Act (p. 50)
  Chapter 3. Sexual Offences (p. 53)
    Early opinions on punishment for rape (p. 53)
    Application of the Law (p. 59)
    Aboriginals and the Law (p. 64)
    R v Byrne – the turning point? (p. 68)
    The Criminal Code, a test of public opinion, and abolition (p. 73)
    Corporal Punishment (p. 77)
    Conclusion (p. 78)
  Chapter 4. "General Attitudes to Capital Punishment in Nineteenth Century Queensland" (p. 80)
    Shifts in Emphasis (p. 80)
    Attitudes in Queensland: 1860 – 1884 (p. 86)
    The "Hopeful" Prisoners and the Effect of the Agitation on Their Behalf (p. 90)
    The Coming of the Criminal Code (p. 96)
    The Labor Party and Capital Punishment in 1899 (p. 97)
  Chapter 5. "Labor Out of Office: 1901-1915" (p. 102)
    The Kenniffs' Case, 1902-3 (p. 106)
    Developments Within the Labor Movement (p. 111)
    The Socialist Revival (p. 115)
    The Execution of Arthur Ross, 1909 (p. 119)
    The Intra-Party Battle is Won (p. 122)
    The Denham Government (p. 123)
  Chapter 6. Abolition (p. 125)
    The First Attempt – 1916
    The Second Attempt – 1922 (p. 131)
  Chapter 7. Some Ancillary Matters of Interest (p. 136)
    Sentences Now Imposed For Once Capital Offences (p. 139)
    The Queensland Supreme Court and Punishment (p. 143)
    Parole (p. 147)
  Chapter 8. Abolition and Pressour Group Activity (p. 152)
    Who Were Involved? (p. 153)
    At What Levels did Abolitionists Work? (p. 157)
    Abolition and Parliament (p. 161)
    Abolition and the Executive (p. 163)
    Appeals to the Public (p. 166)
    Abolition and the Labor Party (p. 170)
    The Judiciary (p. 176)
    The Advantages and Disadvantages Possessed and Faced by Single Purpose "Attitude" Groups and How They Should Seek their Goal (p. 179)
    Partisanship (p. 183)
    Appeals to the Public (p. 185)
  Appendix 1. Criminal Statistics (p. 189)
  Appendix 2. Public Activists in Various Movements for Commutation (p. 200)
  Appendix 3. Labor M.L.A.'s. as of September, 1899 (p. 209)
  Appendix 4. Brief Thumb-Sketch of J.S. Collings (p. 211)
  Bibliography (p. 213)
    A. Newspapers (p. 213)
    B. Parliamentary Journals and Reports (p. 213)
    C. Theses (p. 213)
      I. M.A. Theses submitted to the University of Queensland (p. 213)
      II. B.A. Theses submitted to the University of Queensland (p. 214)
      III. B.A. Penultimate Year (in History Honours) Thesis, submitted to the University of Queensland (p. 214)
    D. Labor Party Reports and Records (p. 215)
    E. Law Books, Journals and Reports (p. 215)
      I. Books (p. 215)
      II. Journals (p. 215)
      III. Reports (p. 216)
    F. Other Published Works (p. 216)
    G. Other Unpublished Works (p. 217)

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