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Author: Gabriela Soares Balestero

Title: Transição política e os crimes cometidos durante a ditadura militar

Subtitle: Uma visão comparatística latinoamericana

Translation: Transition Policy and Crimes Committed During Military Dictatorship: A Latin American Vision Compared

Journal: RIDB - Revista do Instituto do Direito Brasileiro

Volume: 2

Issue: 13

Year: 2013

Pages: 14661-14691

ISSN: 2182-7567 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: 20th Century | Brazilian History


Link: Centro de Investigaç&Aailde;o de Direito Privado (Free Access)


Abstract: »The purpose of this study is to reflect on the injustice of political transitions, highlighting the dilemmas of Latin American countries with the violence of the past military dictatorships. Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are examples of countries that punish those politicians who committed crimes during the military dictatorship. However, Brazil's judgment complaint of breach of Principle Precept no. 153 by the Supreme Court by seven votes to two was the rejection of the application of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil for the punishment of acts of torture during the military regime. Moreover, even with the sentencing by the Brazilian Inter-American Court of Human Rights by the understanding that crimes against humanity can not be amnestied by domestic law led Brazil to repeal the law of amnesty. The State must ensure democracy, popular participation and non-infringement of human rights in order to effectively achieve the democratic rule of law.« (Source: RIDB)


  Resumo (p. 14661)
  Abstract (p. 14662)
  1. Introdu¸ão (p. 14662)
  2. Lei da anistia: o julgamento da ADPF 153 e os seus reflexos internacionais (p. 14664)
  3. A Punição dos crimes cometidos na ditadura dos demais países latino americanos (p. 14672)
  4. A necessidade de abertura dos canais democráticos no Brasil (p. 14674)
  5. Considerações finais (p. 14683)
  6. Referências bibliográficas (p. 14685)

Wikipedia: History of Brazil: Brazilian military government