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Author: Jerrold Atlas

Title: Pederasty, Blood Shedding and Blood Smearing

Subtitle: Men in Search of Mommy’s Feared Powers

Journal: The Journal of Psychohistory

Volume: 28

Issue: 2

Year: Fall 2000

Pages: 116-149

ISSN: 0145-3378 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: General History | Types: Child Sexual Abuse; Victims: Boys


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Abstract: »Provides a historical account of pederasty that is intended to give the reader a heightened awareness of the universality of child abuse, particularly as it influenced the penchant for man-boy intercourse. Centered around blood and mommy’s mysterious reproductive powers, long feared by men worldwide, this sexual abuse of boys and young men by older men (who had themselves been abused) reflected a desired gender reversal designed to subsume women’s feared powers and increase male control. It is argued that in all the civilizations discussed and, if time had permitted, in all civilizations, evidence abounds proving this fundamental archaic memory and fear. The discussion topics include Talmudic anality vs acceptable masturbation, eunuchs and gender in Byzantium, Attic pornography, Roman homosexuality, medieval mysticism, sodomy in Renaissance Europe, Arabic/Muslim pederasty, Russian pederastic "normalcy" and brotherization, 19th century childhood venereal disease, Japanese childhood, analytical theory, and male menstruation in history.« (Source: PsycINFO)


  Talmudic Anality vs. Acceptable Masturbation (p. 120)
  Eunuchs and Gender in Byzantium (p. 122)
  Attic Pornography (p. 123)
  Roman Homosexuality (p. 124)
  Medieval Mysticism (p. 125)
  Renaissance Europe (p. 129)
  Arabic/Muslim Pederasty (p. 133)
  Royal Child Abuse (p. 135)
  Russian Pederastic "Normalcy" and Brotherization (p. 135)
  Nineteenth Century Venereal Disease (p. 136)
  Japanese Childhood (p. 138)
  Analytical Theory (p. 140)
  Male Menstruation in History (p. 142)
  Conclusion (p. 143)

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