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Author: Duska Andrić-Ružičić

Title: War Rape and the Political Manipulation of Survivors

Subtitle: -

In: Feminist under Fire: Exchanges across War Zones

Edited by: Wenona Giles, Malathi de Alwis, Edith Klein, and Neluka Silva

Place: Toronto

Publisher: Between the Lines

Year: 2003

Pages: 103-113

ISBN-10: 1896357784 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Bosnian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Bosnian War


Link: Google Books (Limited Preview)


Abstract: »Pursuing this exchange in chapter 8, as it pertains to war rape in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Duska Andrić-Ružičić argues that rape is used as a strategy of war by the "other." In her experience, non-governmental organizations are the only institutions that have prioritized the treatment of women victims of violence.« (Wenona Giles. »Introduction: Feminist Exchanges and Comparative Perspectives across Conflict Zones.« Feminist under Fire: Exchanges across War Zones. Edited by Wenona Giles et al. Toronto 2003: 11)


  Rape: A Specific Kind of Violence with Specific Kind of Trauma (p. 104)
  Rape as a Part of War Strategy (p. 105)
  The Consequences of Defining War Rape as a Genocidal Crime (p. 106)
  The Role of Media in the Political Manipulation of the Survivors (p. 107)
  The Origins of Community Support for Survivors (p. 109)
  Medica Zenica's Therapeutic Principles (p. 110)
  Notes (p. 113)

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