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Author: Yairah Amit


Subtitle: -

Translation: Implicit Redaction and Latent Polemic in the Story of the Rape of Dinah

In: Texts, Temples, and Traditions: A Tribute to Menahem Haran

Edited by: Michael V. Fox, Victor Avigdor Hurowitz, and Avi Hurvitz

Place: Winona Lake, IN

Publisher: Eisenbrauns

Year: 1996

Pages: 11*-28*

ISBN-10: 1575060035 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: Hebrew

Keywords: Cases: Victims / Dinah; Representations: Bible


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Author: Amit Yairah, Department of Bible, Tel-Aviv UniversityWikipedia


»The story of the rape of Dinah and the subsequent bloody encounter between the sons of Jacob and the Shechemites provides for an interesting meeting of modern approachens to exegetical difficulties in a biblical narrative text.
The first part of the article contains a summary of the various approaches, presenting their contribution to the implicit redaction method. The second part deals with the latent polemic woven into this story. In the third and last part, an attempt is made to prove the late date of this composition and its affinities to the Holiness School.« (Source: Texts, Temples, and Traditions: A Tribute to Menahem Haran. Edited by Michael V. Fox et al. Winona Lake 1996: 406)

Reviews: Murphy, R.E. The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 59(1) (January 1997): 193-194. – Full Text: Catholic Biblical Association of America (Restricted Access)

Wikipedia: Crime and punishment in the Bible, Hebrew Bible: Book of Genesis, Dinah