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Author: María del Pilar Álvarez

Title: Postcolonialismo y derechos humanos en el este de Asia

Subtitle: El caso de las ex esclavas sexuales de la armada imperial japonesa: de la prostitución forzada al feminismo humanitario

Translation: Postcolonialism and Human Rights in East Asia. The Case of Sex Slaves of the Imperial Japanese Army: From Forced Prostitution to Humanitarian Feminism

Journal: Pilquen. Sección Ciencias Sociales

Volume: 18

Issue: 1

Year: April 2015 (Received: November 17, 2014, Accepted: December 16, 2014)

Pages: 14-24

ISSN: 1851-3123 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Spanish

Keywords: 20th Century | Japanese History | Types: "Comfort Women", Wartime Rape / Asia-Pacific War


Link: Pilquen (Free Access)


Abstract: »This article attempt to explore one of the most controversial postcolonial issues in East Asia: the case of former sex slaves of the Imperial Japanese Army. What was the system of the comfort woman? Who were the kidnapped women? Why did they silence their traumatic memories for so many years? Why has the Japanese government a negative attitude? Through a historical and political analysis, this work suggests that the internationalization of the conflict has shift the paradigm of cognition. The new Humanitarian feminism narrative repositions the claims in terms of gender (integrity of women) and Human Rights. From this perspective, the case study is included as other violations of women during war time, and the universalization of woman rights. The trasnationalization of the controversy revitalizes the ongoing struggle while suggesting new political challenges.« (Source: Pilquen)


  Introducción (p. 15)
  1. Las Estaciones de confort (p. 16)
    1.1. Origen y funcionamiento (p. 16)
    1.2. Métodos de reclutamiento (p. 17)
    1.3. El fin de la Guerra (p. 17)
  2. La emergencia del debate (p. 18)
    2.1. Prostituciín y violencia sexual (p. 18)
    2.2. Feminismo humanitario (p. 20)
    2.3. Las respuestas de Japón (p. 21)
  Conclusión (p. 22)
  Bibliografía (p. 23)
  Sitios en Internet (p. 23)
  Filmografía (p. 24)

Wikipedia: Wartime sexual violence: Comfort women, Japanese war crimes, Pacific War